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Being clean and pressed is only one part of being well-groomed. The other part is having your clothes fit you like a glove and be in perfect condition, and it’s the attention to those details that separates Winzer from the rest.

Our staff of seamstresses and tailors keep your wardrobe in perfect order – from falling hems to sticky zippers to complete make-overs of favorite garments, they are here to address any repair request you make.

These conditions demand reweaving, not a simple repair, and that means you need Winzer.

Reweaving is a skill that requires knowledge, practice, patience and skill. It’s an art and like most artistic pursuits it’s been mastered by only a select few. At Winzer we have 100 years of experience and expertise that have been passed down from generation to generation. While others may say reweaving is a lost art, we know it’s alive, well and being practiced every day at Winzer.

The two most popular reweaving services we offer are:
    • French weave – suitable for small areas of damage (1/4 - 3/8 of an inch diameter) by replacing damaged threads individually, and
    • In-weave - taking a square of fabric from a hidden area of the garment (the hem, a pocket), positioning it over the damaged area and weaving it in to the fabric thread by thread.

As you can imagine, either is a painstaking and time consuming process, but it’s a worthwhile investment if the garment is truly important to you.

To learn more or for a free consultation call Sarah Barish at 1.877.WINZER1 or email her at

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Winzer Cleaners New York City Aleterations and Moth Hole repairs. Our staff of seamstresses and tailors keep your wardrobe in perfect order. Moth hole repair for rugs and reweaving.