Light hard spots may appear on suede garment after cleaning which
were not apparent before. These are due to ticks or other burrowing insect. These defects are covered by the manufacture with chalk or powder. These spots will generally not accept the redyeing process, thus causing the light spots.
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Hard areas on the skin similar to scars, where the nap is very short usually will not accept the redyeing process evenly. This is a poor skin and may not always be corrected.

Badly faded areas on some teal, blue, green gray, and pastel garments are very difficult to restore to their original colors, even though they are dyed several times.

Unevenly matched skins are found in many suede and leather garments. Although the manufacturer does try to match the skins, no two animals are alike and after cleaning may be shaded differently. Redyeing does not always correct these conditions.

Most stains can be removed or improved. However, certain stains may be set and are difficult to remove because the chemical necessary to do so may affect the basic dye of the leather. We may do more harm to the skin in trying to remove these stains.

Skins are often over stretch in manufacturing. When they are cleaned they will go back to their original size. In extreme cases you may lose a size or two. This is a manufacturing defect that you have to be aware of.

Some glues used in manufacturing will break down in the cleaning process, at times leaving dark areas around seams.

Refinishing of garments can cause the skin to harden. Leather and suede dyes tend to bleed in the cleaning process. We redye as close as possible to the original color, if necessary.

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IMPORTANT – when purchasing leather/suede garments
1. Look for unusual spots and stains.
2. Examine for rips, tears, thin areas and scuff marks.
3. Inspect for missing buttons, snaps etc.
4. Examine for peeling, cracking and stiff or hardened skins.
5. Check for linings hanging below garment.
6. If a garment is part of a suit or has matching accessories.
   All pieces must be processed at the same time in order to
   guarantee exact color match.
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