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STEP 1: Fold pants, shirts, skirts and other garments in half lengthwise to ensure that the right and left sides are symmetrical. Check that the right and left sides of the collar are equal in shape, size and positioning.

STEP 2: Confirm that patch pockets lie perfectly flat against the cloth, with no space between the pocket and the front of the garment. While holding the garment upright, make sure that the pocket doesn’t hang away from the front.

STEP 3: Hold up clothing to ensure that the lining follows the cut of the garment, falls smoothly and does not extend below the hemline. In general, women’s slacks are fully lined, while men’s slacks are unlined or lined only in front to just below the knees.

STEP 4: Verify that buttons and buttonholes are sewn tightly with no unraveled thread. Bound button holes are a more costly finishing process, and are most often found on ‘quality’ garments. Of course, spare buttons are an added plus and generally provided with ‘better garments. (Don’t misplace them. Some of those buttons can be very pricey to replace.)

STEP 5: Try it on before buying it. Button, zip and/or snap it up. Make sure that it doesn’t ‘pull’ or bunch, the seams are straight, the buttons line up, the zippers work smoothly and there are no fabric snags or stains.

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