Popular folklore has it that the detachable collar was first invented in
1827 by Mrs. Hannah Montague of Troy, NY. Mrs, Montague, a housewife,
developed the collar as a creative solution to the difficulties she was
having with her husband's "ring-around-the-collar".

Her husband enjoyed showing off his wife’s ingenuity to all his friends and
neighbors, and soon all the wives of Troy were following suit. It wasn’t
long before this cottage industry grew and by 1897, twenty-five
manufacturers in Troy were producing a total of eight million dozen collars and cuffs a year.

The simple genius of the collar led to a variety of designs and its widespread use. In fact, it soon became the status-symbol of the growing office-worker class ("white collar" workers), and by 1908 when Winzer opened its doors, nearly every man in America had his neck in a hard starched linen detachable collar.

Today, collars are no longer detachable and it isn’t the housewife’s job to deal with ‘ring around the collar’ issues. That’s our job and we do it well. Just like Mrs. Montague we hand scrub collars and cuffs to make sure your shirts always look their best – inside and out.

We’ve been taking care to the best men’s shirts in NYC since collars were detachable and frock coats were being worn to the Horse Show. And through it all, we’ve always believed that the customer calls the shots. Far be it from us to tell you how important your shirts are to your wardrobe or how much you want to invest in their care and well-being.

So when you ask us to ‘do your shirts’, we want you to have it your way.

• Dry clean, launder or wet cleaned.
• On a hanger or folded for travel.
• Hand pressed or just hand touch up.
• No touch up, simply automated assembly line finishing.

At Winzer there’s nothing we can’t do, and nothing we won’t do for you.

So, you’ll never have to pay for processing a shirt that was returned to
you with a broken button or missing collar stay. Your collars and cuffs will
always be hand scrubbed.

We’ll call you if we suspect that there are ‘wear’ areas (the precursor to threadbare) that may be too fragile to withstand anything other than hand cleaning and finishing.

And if the shirt has appeared on the ‘terrorist’ watch list from our trade association (meaning it’s potentially unserviceable) we’ll let you know about that too.

Otherwise, we’ll just do it your way, and you can worry about the other important things in your life.

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NYC Dry clean, launder or wet cleaned Dress Shirt Service - Winzer has been taking care of men’s shirts in NYC since collars were detachable and frock coats were being worn to the Horse Show. Shirts are important to your wardrobe and we look after their care and well-being.